Book Store



1.     Vision and Mission

The main source of books, magazines, stationary, fancy, dan merchandise provider for UMM community, West Malang and Batu.

2.     Goal

Reaching the position as the main source of books, magazines, fancy, stationary dan merchandise provider for UMM academic community, Muhammadiyah community and society in West Malang area and Batu.

3.     Ownership

UMM Bookstore is profit centre of UMM and now it registered as Perseroan Terbatas (PT). UMM Bookstore starts to operate on Agustus 21, 2005.

4.     Location and Facilities

 UMM Bookstore is located in Jl. Raya Tlogomas No.246 Malang. Its width is 2.500 m2. It consists of 2 floors, the first floor is used to display stationary and merchandise and for chasier. The second floor is only for books and magazines.


5.     Goods and Services


UMM Bookstore will be one stop shopping centre for books, magazines, stationary and merchandise of UMM.

The book collection consists of three big segments, those are: Fun (mistery, romance, humor, action, general non fiction), education (text books for elementary school, high school and higher education) and profession or references (university publications, special subject, supporting references, popular books and magazines). Magazine collections are limited on computer and electronic themes.

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