About Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1980 and graduated more than 4000 mechanical engineering graduates who have career in the field of mining and energy, manufacture, academicians both in domestic and abroad. This department was managed by 24 lecturers who hold PhD and Master.

The graduates are equipped with skills and expertise in mechanical engineering such as design and mechanical construction, energy conversion, machining production and formation. Laboratories facilities available such as physics, chemistry, picture and machine elements, CAD and CAM, machines basic phenomena, CNC, pneumatic and hydraulic, metal testing and metallurgy, testing of machine achievement, metrology, measurement and instrumentation, workshop and industry. Extracurricular support consists of automotive, rocket, robotics, engineering design, and the reasoning activities, community social, and interest-talent.

To achieve the objective above, the curriculum is designed in order to make the graduates have the ability to arrange concept, designing, implementation and operational to make the basic main competence in the field of design and engineering machinery and supporting competence in the field of automatic control. While the complementary competencies belong to specific field of expertise, they are;

  1. Machine Construction; aims to equip the graduates in order to be able to design machine construction both in the aspect of construction and the economy.
  2. Energy Conversion; aims to equip the graduates in order to be able to select, take care for and designing the tools and energy conversion machine and the economic aspect.
  3. Machinery Production; aims to equip the graduates in order to be able to design machinery process both in the aspect of machine design, product design, and production.
  4. Material production; aims to equip the graduates in order to be able to select, combine, and produce machine component based on the material.

The structure of teaching program is in the form of module package in the first year and is applied full credit system from second year to the last with total credit 150 credits which can be developed until 160 credits, depends on the willingness of students who choose elective subjects as enrichment of knowledge. In three years the students learn about basics of mechanical engineering, math and basic knowledge of mechanical engineering skills, mathematics and management are needed to be a professional mechanical engineer. At the end of the year, the students can choose some subjects freely to prepare themselves to begin their career. One credit which can be presented in several hours is presented by presenting lecture, practicum, and field assignment.