general information

Department of Electrical Engineering organizing undergraduate program strata 1 established 1990 and diploma III electronics established 1995 was graduated more than 2000 technical graduate and associate expert and career as government employee and private, contractors and consultant employers, academician. The department managed by 23 lecturers who hold a doctored and magister. The number of active student is about 600 students.

Electrical engineering graduate was equipped with skill and expertise in the field of electrical engineering such as power system, electronics, industrial setting, telecommunication, and informatics. Electrical engineering has laboratory of electronic circuits, electrical circuits, logical circuits, measurement, setting system, microprocessor, industrial electronic, PLC, electrical machine, electrical installation, PLTMH, VHDL and electronics workshop.

While associate expert electrical engineering was equipped with electronics industry expertise, computer engineering and network which is supported with certification KKPI, CCNA, TOEIC. Extracurricular support consists of robotics group, industry instrumentation system, etc.