In order to actualize a healthy institution which is able to contribute improving nation’s competiveness, it is needed to develop and create the governance system as the good university governance principals such as fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility. The governance system in UMM is developed to create the conducive and high performance on work environment. Every unit’s performance will be sought for the public to be able in accessing it, in order to build the sense of responsibility and justice not merely for quick decision-making.

Structural Organization in UMM experiences the development as the needs and existing legislations. The juridical basis from the Structural Organization UMM is written in University of Muhammadiyah Malang Statutes. It is arranged based on the Qa’idah of Muhammadiyah Universities which is decided by Central Governance of Muhammadiyah by the Decree No. 19/SK¬PP/IIIB/1.a/1999 dated on February 20th, 1999 (Appendix B.1). Since its establishments on 1964, UMM Statutes has been changed. 

(1). The organizational structure of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) consists of:

      1. The organizing Board

      2. Daily Trustees Board

      3. UMM Senate

      4. Leader : a. Rector

                        b. Vice Rector

     5. Elements of Academic Executors:

        a. Faculty

        b. Directorate of Postgraduate Program

        c. Directorate of Research and Society Service

    6. Elements of Administrative Executors:

        a. General Administration Bureau

        b. Academic Administration Bureau

        c. Student Administration Bureau

        d. Finance Administration Bureau

        e. Law and Officialdom Administration Bureau

    7. Elements of Supervision and Quality Assurance:

        a. Supervision Unit

        b. Quality Assurance Unit

    8. Supporting Elements:

        a. Mosque Prosperity Unit

        b. Library Unit

        c. Information and Communication Unit

        d. New Students Admission Unit

        e. Counseling Guidance Unit

         f. Language Center

   9.  Business Unit

  10. Elements of Public and Social Services

(2). The leaders of University of Muhammadiyah Malang may develop or simplify the Elements of Academic Executors, Administration executors, Supervision Elements and Supporting Elements according to the needs and management development of the university.