General Information

The Department of Sociology has a vision to organize the study program which is excellent and competitive in struggling human liberation based on Islamic value trough the assessment and development of sociology. Three concentrations that are developed are Industrial Sociology, Sociology of Environment, and Development Sociology Concentration. With this development, the graduates are expected to become social analyst, social consultant, industry, NGO (Non Government Organization) activist, teacher, civil and private servant, professionally.    

The skills given are analyzing and researching social problem, social problem and solution presentation, covering industrial social issue, giving the input of the relation of industrial social to industry player, managing the organization by human approach, and writing skill in news media.

To achieve the objective approach, the routine activities held by Sociology Department are: 1. Apprentice in industry (middle-upper scale), 2. Building cooperation with strategic partners (BUMN, local government, private companies, NGO, colleges, both in domestic and abroad, etc), 3. Bring the experts and practitioners (both in domestic and abroad), 4. Implementing lectures by conducting many outdoor practices.  

The Department of Sociology is supported by some facilities such as sociology laboratory, department library, micro teaching laboratory, internet, and library with digital library system. The employment prospects for the Department of Sociology graduates are Regional Development Planning Agency, Agency of Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Education and Culture, Social Department, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Women Empowerment, and also work in private company and NGO both in domestic and abroad.