UMM Football Club (UMM FC)

Soccer Unit

University of Muhammadiyah Malang Football Club (UMM FC)

The soccer activity unit of Muhammadiyah University of Malang Footballl Club (UMM FC) is intensively developed by professional trainers that minimum owning B license and accompanied by special instructors that chosen by the campus. This activity unit conducts routine rehearsal, test matches, and joining in competitions either at regional or national level. Supported by representative soccer field facilities within campus environment, not a few players and former players of this activity unit recruited by big teams, such as: Arema, Persema, Persekapas, and others.

Recruitment of players every year that has training agenda three times a week, the UMM FC prepares its members to face various championships. In the 2016 the UMM soccer team won the third place on the East Java Regional Torabika Campus Cup at the State University of Malang. Not only that, in the 2015 the UMM FC also won as 4th place at Brawijaya National Championship.