University Senate

University senate is a normative and representative board in the university that was legalized by Rector. Senate University is chaired by rector and companied by a secretary that chose by other member for four years and can be chosen again. University senate has main duties such as: formulating academic policy and university development; formulating policy of academic achievement assessment and academician competence and personality; together with the rector formulate university implementation norm; give approval of Expense and Income Budget Plan (RAPB) of university; assess the responsibility of university leaders on the implementation of the policy that has been decided; give consideration to Implementation Board associated with the candidates who have been suggested to be appointed as the Rector and Vice Rector; give consideration to the authorities about the academic promotion of lecturer above the Lector, enforcing the applicable norms in University, confirm the award of honorary Doctorates for who are qualified, and be able to supervise the implementation of expense and  income budget university. In conducting those main duties, university senate can make committees consisting the member of University Senate member and if necessary can be added with other member.