General Information

The physiotherapy studies program S1 is the only S1 physiotherapy in east java, which is prepared to produce physiotherapy graduate which is able to provide health service to individual or community by the development, maintain, and restore motion and the function of body throughout the life cycle with a solid scientific and the reliable skill and able to answer the challenge of globalization.  
S1 physiotherapy studies program was founded with the vision of making it the leading program studies in conducting the higher education of physiotherapy that the best in the field individual and community physiotherapy based to science and technology development and Islamic value to improve competiveness of nation.
S1 physiotherapy program has qualified lecturer S2 physiotherapy, along with preparation of complete laboratory facilities such as anatomy laboratory, laboratory of manipulation therapy, laboratory massage, skill laboratory (includes laboratory examination, laboratory hydrotherapy, and laboratory electrotherapy) and gymnasium. The laboratory development is being prepared include public clinic, anti aging and beauty clinic and also physiotherapy clinic.  
Educational program of physiotherapy program consist of academic program which complited in 8 semesters with undergraduate degree Physiotherapy Graduate (S.Ft) followed by profession education by Physiotherapist degree (Physio). The graduate has wider employment opportunities and not limited in the hospital, but able to develop in independent practice, home care, sport clubs, fitness center, specialized institution of sport and its branches (KONI, PSSI etc).