UMM Dormitory

Rusunawa I   Rusunawa II


To facilitate the students who are from outside of Malang, UMM provides a place to stay, Rusunawa (Rental flats for student). UMM has two Rusunawa, these are:

Rusunawa I is located in the North of Campus III UMM at Jl. Jetis - Bawang Tegalgondo, Malang. Rusunawa consists of 2 building blocks where Block A has capacity of 240 people and Block B has capacity of 190 people. Rusunawa I was built in 2008 and in the establishment UMM cooperated with the Ministry of Housing Republic of Indonesia. Each block has 4 floors which contain  5,2 x 4,2 m sized rooms completed with bathroom (inside), bed, wardrobe, and table-chair for studying. Other facilities are kitchen, place for praying, hall, and parking area. Block A is functioned as temporary shelter for the participants of P2KK Program which is conducted for 2 months in every beginning of new academic year. 


Rusunawa II is located besides the stadium of Campus III UMM. Rusunawa II was built in 2010 and it consists of 1 bulding block with 4 floors and has capacity of 285 people. The facilities in Rusunawa II are the same as Rusunawa I, such as rooms which are completed with bath room (inside), bed, wardrobe, place for praying, kitchen, hall and parking area.


Non Academic Facilities