UMM Hospital

1.      Arranging hospital policies and programs so that hospital activities can be run according to the in Muhammadiyah Association and the prevailing laws and regulations;

2.      Arranging regulations, standards of operational procedures, and work mechanisms within the hospital;

3.      Organizing, coordinating and mobilizing all hospital resources in order to achive all hospital goals and objectives effectively and efficiently;

4.      Overseeing, directing, controlling, & assessing all activities in the hospital according to the provisions;

5.       Guiding and motivating all human resources and improving the welfare of educational employees to improve performance of the hospital;

6.      Conducting coordination and consultation activities with private or government hospitals, health institutions or with hospital owners or representatives;

7.      Seeking the availability of optimal hospital resources according to the stipulated standards;

8.      Representing the hospital in court proceedings;

9.      Evaluating and reporting all hospital activities to the owner or health institution as stipulated; and;

10.  Conducting other official duties given by the Regional Leaders of Muhammadiyah Malang or representatives.