The research program conducted by DPPM UMM based on the source of funding can be classified into Internal Research Program with the fund from DPP-UMM and External Research program with the fund from outside UMM. Internal program is preliminary research and at the same time is an adivising and preparation which are expected to strengthen UMM research to get external funding. Community service program also consists of Internal and External service programs based on the funding obtained.  

In 2007, the management of internal research program have changed in term of the paradigm in research management, that was research on knowledge (PBI) was replaced by research on the development of science (P2I), research on excellent program (P2U) was replaced by research on basic skill (PDK), and product based research (PBP). The changes were based on the attempts to improve the amount of internal research so that it can continue to be external research with the funding sources are either from Dikti research, Ristek, or other funding sources.


In developing the research, University of Muhammadiyah malang refers to the Agenda of Research and the Developing of IPTEKS UMM (ARUMM). It is a new approach in research especially lecturer. It is a document arranged to give priority direction of activity, target, and indicator of developing IPTEKS activity in UMM on a long term performance for period of 2011-2015. The agenda of research and the developing of IPTEKS UMM (ARUMM) is conducted to accomodate substantive thoughts from the representation of various fields of science (Faculty, Study Center, Institution) and various departments in UMM, goverment, entrepreneurs, and the related stakeholders. The realization of ARUMM 2011-2015 is the responsibility of the all component of academicians in University of Muhammadiyah Malang and is accompanied by common commitment to establish developing ability in University of Muhammadiyah Malang for facing the challenge of national development.


The realization of ARUMM 2011-2015 is emphasized to the following matters: 

1.   ARUMM 2011-2015 is implemented in order to develop IPTEKS, and be aimed to improve the welfare and civilization of the  nation.

2.   ARUMM 2011-2015 is implemented by emphasizing basic principle and eminent Islamic values, academic ethics and culture. 

3.   ARUMM 2011-2015 is designed to urge on IPTEKS creativity of knowledge based society.

4.   The program prority of ARUMM 2011-2015 is adjusted with National Middle Term Development Plan (RPJM) and National Development Strategic Policy (Jakstranas) of IPTEK, and adjusted with the capacity of human resources and institutional at University of Muhammadiyah Malang.

To achieve the continuous welfare, the Agenda of Research and the Developing of IPTEKS UMM (ARUMM) is settled as follow:

1. Food resistance and safety

2. Energy technology and resistance

3. Climate change and environmental sustainability

4. Health, medicines, and nutrition

5. Socio-cutural and national integration 

6. Islamic and Muhammadiyah 

7. Women Empowerment and Children Protection

                8. Education and Teaching based local widom and global vision 
For more information on the research, it can be accessed at website DPPM.