Research Program

Research Program

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is one of the best universities in East Java in a field of research, governance, and student affairs. It is marked by the grace of Kopertis 7 in terms of achievement and endownment as the best campus (AKU, Anugerah Kampus Unggul) for 10 consecutive years (2008 to 2017) and based on the classification of research performance status of universities where UMM is in MANDIRI group (with 3 stars gold).

To provide clear direction and policy on research development in university, Strategic Plan of Research (RENSTRA Penelitian, Rencana Strategis Penelitian) 2016-2020 will be developed as a substitute for the development of Research Master Plan (RIP, Rencana Induk Penelitian) UMM in 2011-2015. Strategic Plan of UMM Research will be run gradually in accordance with the priority scale resulting from self-evaluation and performance of research institutions and dedication to the community of UMM by involving all supporting units and resources. The research roadmap in RENSTRA is based on UMM lecturers' research performance in the last four years (2011 to 2014) and research guidance in each Faculty and/or Study Center and Research Agenda of UMM (ARUMM, Agenda Riset UMM) 2011-2015.

The research mapping procedure involves the leaders of the Faculty and the work unit below by listing the researches that have been produced and other research products (publications, intelectual property right, efficient technology, proceeding, textbooks) in the last 4 years, from 2011 to 2014. Some of the leading research that is dominant both products and outcome in quantity and quality, as well as the potential of existing resources, will be a priority to be proposed as a program that will run on RENSTRA Research mentioned above. The roadmap of the research that will be proposed in RENSTRA Research is expected to run the research program that required by UMM, by looking at the analysis and the results of institutional self-evaluation in terms of research development. The excellent research is also expected to unite most of the University's research field development which is summarized in the Strategic Plan and Operational Plan (RENOP, Rencana Operasional).

Researcher resources, completeness of supporting facilities and infrastructure research, and its upcoming products would be a proposing benchmark of RENSTRA Research in the Senate Session of UMM. The flagship research proposed in RENSTRA should be able to be implemented by most lecturers with multi-disciplinary competencies and disciplines, with phasing out the main research topics, then translated into multi-disciplinary research subtopics. The RENSTRA Research aims to be able to answer the problems of management and research development at the University level, such as giving direction of future research development policy, study and research topic to be developed, target and goal of research activity of University of Muhammadiyah Malang, and support Indonesia Innovation Vision achievement in 2025.  More information about research can be accessed at DPPM website.