general information

Animal husbandry program educate the student become the expertise which has the knowledge and skill in the field of animal husbandry completely, from livestock production process, nutrition and fodder, breeding, biotechnology and livestock health, livestock product processing technology and agribusiness farms. The curriculum was developed to afford answer the challenge needed by stake holders, than the alumni has the excellence, main competence, and supporting competencies. Curriculum development purposed in order that the graduate more competitiveness and shown that this department able to produce the graduate zero unemployment.

Animal Husbandry Department was completed with complete laboratory animal husbandry. To support all of it has been built area of livestock development which is the center development and cultivation livestock commodities; there are production cage big livestock (beef cattle), small livestock (goat-sheep) dairy cattle (milch cow), fowl (broiler, laying hens, and duck) and various livestock (rabbit, deer) and rare fowl. In this area there are animal feed factory, chicken slaughterhouse, and biogas installation.