General Information

This department is oriented to generate fishery graduates who have technical and managerial capabilities in fishery and marine with IPTEK mastery and entrepreneurial spirit. Its curriculum is focused on the mastery of science and the processing technology of fish, ecology, marine, and entrepreneurship. Fishery department is completed with some facilities such as indoor and outdoor fishponds, the laboratories of natural food product, nutrition and proximate analysis,seeding and disease. During study, the students have been given internship opportunity in several fishery industries and government’ cultivation centers. The graduates from fishery department have competence in fish breeding and other aquatic organisms including freshwater, brackish and brine, knowledge and skill in fishery biotechnology, knowledge about the management of coastal and ocean management in an integrated way, and the entrepreneurial skill in fishery. With those competences, the fishery department graduates have opportunities to work in fish/shrimp seeding, aquaculture/pond cultivation, fish/shrimp processing industry, food fish industry, fertilizer and veterinary medicine, environmental consultant, researcher in fishery and marine and also as independent entrepreneur.