UMM Press

The History of UMM PRESS

In 1990, UMM established an institution named PUSAT PENERBITAN (Publishing Centre) under the coordination of Vire Rector III. Because in the past UMM was famous of having BESTARI Campus Newspaper, this institution are often being analogued as BESTARI management. For book publishing, this institution previously only received documents and counting ISBN (Standart Number of national book publishing) which is counted with "personal formula”. Setting, layout, design and editing process were directly done by press party because of the minimum management organizer which was only in one desk and one person. SIn the line with the development and UMM progress, in 2000 Pusat Penerbitan was restructurised as Unit Pelaksana Teknis Produksi Penerbitan. UMM provided special location as office and its equipments as a publishing unit which was "ready of being published". With spirit, comitment and hard work and also adequate sources, UMM PRESS could develop and continued working based on its motto "Progressing and Educating the Future Generation". Until now (2007) UMM PRESS thas published more than 200 book titles in which all of them have spread thoughout bookstores in Indonesia. Because this unit is managed by a private leading university, thus almost 70 percent of UMM book inputs were the result of UMM lectures' works. And, of course that books published by UMM PRESS are mostly used for higher education interests, researchers and general public.