General Information

Medical Education Program was established to fulfill community demands on the facility of health service which is still not evenly distributed in Indonesia. To confront the era that is full of dynamics, it is expected the contribution of Medical education program of University of Muhammadiyah Malang to be successful in producing the professional doctor based on knowledge and professionalism and also Islamic medical ethics. With various facilities, academic and student affairs service system, and Islamic nuance, hopefully the students be able to develop themselves in a conducive and enjoyable learning atmosphere.  

Medical Education Program of UMM got the establishment permit on September 25, 2001 no: 3079/D/T/2001. Medical Education Program UMM which is a professional academic education, is one unity whole which is based on knowledge and professionalism, and a solid Islamic medical ethics. Form of learning experience for the students is in the form of field learning experiences.