General Information

This study program was established in 1983. The mission of this study program is to generate professional graduate. This study program offers the courses which are relevenat with the need, such as linguistic, literature, drama and acting, teaching, journalistic, photography, broadcasting, library management, and ESP (English for Spesific Purpose). With the courses which are offered, the graduate of Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program can have opportunity in some occupations, they are teacher, scientist, librarian, journalist, columnist, presenter, artist, and art critic. 

The courses which are offered are taught directly by the lecturers whose qualification is Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree, and practitioners. Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program has several supporting facilities, they are the laboratory of drama and acting (Dikti Grant 2006 & 2007) completed with PC editing, taping, photo digital, and home theater. This study program also has a complete and comfortable Microteaching laboratory.