General Information

This department educates the graduate candidates who have competency as the trustworthy and professional English teacher and are ready to face teacher professionalism demand. Most of the qualifications of this department lecturers are Doctorate and Magister Degree from various universities in out of country. Besides, it is also supported by Native speaker lecturers from several English Speaking Countries mainly for Speaking course.
English Department has sufficient means and facillities as learning implementation support, they are multimedia class, Computerized Digital Language Laboratory, Drama Laboratory, Micro Teaching Laboratory. Besides, it is also supported by the units related to the enhancement of learning quality, they are;Language Center (LC), American Corner (Amcor), American Foundation (AMINEF), and Foreign Language Course(KBA). Several joint facilities such as Digital Library and Internet hotspot area also really support student learning activity. 
To equip the graduates with additional skill to be ready to work in society, this department offers English for Young Learners (EYL), Bussiness English (BE), and Translation course. The students are free to choose one of them. Hopefully, the alumni can have the skill that supports their future, have business skill, entrepreneurship skill, and be able to work in hotel business or tourism. 
Various extra events that are held routinely and periodically by English Department are Academic Dialogue, General Lecture, English Camp, English Movie Club, Debate Contest, Sport and Ice Cream Party, and English Nite. Especially on Wednesday and Friday, the students and lecturers of English Department are compulsory to use PIN written “Just speak English with me”, as an identity of English Day program implementation in English Department. With its slogan, “English Brings You A Bright Future”, English Department is sure to be able to be a department that really can generate its graduates to have bright and professional future.