Structure of Subjects

1.    The structure of subjects consists of compulsory courses, prerequisites, optional, and enrichment :

a.  Compulsory subjects are subjects that must be taken by students.

b. Prerequisites subjects are subjects that must be taken before taking the next subjects.

c.  Optional subjects are subjects that offered and can be chosen by students in the curriculum.

d. Enrichment subjects are subjects which selected by students to enrich their knowledge and skills.

2.    Personality Development Subjects and Living in Society Subjects are compulsary subjects in UMM that must be taken based on the distribution of subjects per semester.

3.   Personality Development Subjects consist of Islamic Religious Studies  (Al-Islam and Kemuhammmadiyahan), Citizenship Studies, and Bahasa Indonesia.

4.    Living on Society Subjects consist of Ilmu Sosial Budaya Dasar, Ilmu Kealaman Dasar, KKN, dan English for Specific Purpose (ESP).

5.     English for Specific Purpose holds in first and second semester.

6.     Enrichment Subjects can be joined in their study program and cross-study program both in and outside UMM.

7.     Enrichment Lectures outside UMM should get the Rector's approval.