Lecturing System

1.       A subject is handled by one or more than one lecturers whose capabilities can be accounted for.

2.       Subjects with learning team are under control of a lecturer of subjects coordinator.

3.       Lectures are in forms of direct lecturing, tutorial, practicum, field-work apprentice, praktik kerja usaha, cross-department or faculty lecturing, stadium general, and guest lecture:

a.       Direct lecturing is a learning activity between a lecturer and students to discuss about certain material.

b.      Tutorial  is class-guidance activity conducted by a lecturer in solving problems related to certain subject.

c.       Practicum is a learning activity that conducted through experiments and research activities.

d.      Cross-faculty or department lecture is a learning activity organized by a faculty or department which is not the students' faculty or department.

e.      Kuliah Kerja Nyata, an activity done by Undergraduate students, is mixing activity including education, field research, and community service.

f.        Field-Work Apprentice is a learning activity to test and apply the theories in a place of certain work.

g.       The Guest Lecture is learning activity presented by a guest lecturer to improve the students' knowledge and particular field of science.

h.      Leadership and Personality Development Program is a program that must be taken by new, transfer, and level-transferred students of Diploma and Undergraduate.