Lecturing Process

1.       At the beginning of every single lecturing, the lecturer tells the course outline, Practicum Module, system and assessment scores, and passing grade to the students.

2.       In every learning activity, lecturer checks the students' attendance list and fill in learning journal.

3.       If a lecturer could not attend the class, he should:

a.       let the staffs of department or faculty and the students know.

b.      make the class up another time or change it with similar structured activities through the agreement with the students.

4.       Lecturer gives the subject materials, assessment scores, and test.

5.       Lecturing is held for minimally 80 percent of the schedule.

6.       Lecturer gives remidial test for those who cannot fullfill the system and scores before the final score will be issued.

7.       Tecnical regulations related to the further learning activities will be arranged by the department.