Field Work Apprentice

1. Field work apprentice is a subject held by UMM for Undergraduate and Diploma students in form of professionalism practice based on the professional competence.

2. The minimum credit hours for this activity is 2 credit hours which can be joined at least a month for 40 hours per a week or 120 hours done in apprentice place.

3. If it is less than 120 hours, then the students can complete it through helping in laboratorium.

4. Students who take this subject are those listed and approved by the Chief of department or laboratorium.

5. The apprentice place is defined by the students themselves through proposing, or it can be defined by their department.

6. Field work apprentice is guided by a related subject lecturer, and also by an advisor.

7. Evaluation and apprentice scoring is done by the lecturer and advisor based on the criteria of department's professional competence.