Lecture Participation

1.       Direct lecturing, tutorial, practicum, field-work apprentice, mid-term test, final test, and any other curricular activities are completely in learning process which are a must to be taken by all students; for those who do not pass the learning process, are declared as a failure.

2.       Students who do not pass the learning process, as it is stated in the previous point, are not allowed to join the final test.

3.       Dispensation of point 2 will be given by the Head of Department for the students who are joining curricular activities outside the campus, by the agreement from the leaders of UMM, or are sick by giving any prescription from the doctor.

4.       Students who are allowed to join any lecturing activities are those listed in the attendance list.

5.       Students can join any direct cross-department or faculty lecturing within any permission from the subject's lecturer.

6.       Non-UMM students who want to join any lecturing activities will be arranged on their own.


In learning process, the failed students can have any remedial test to get better score.