1.    All students of UMM must do re-registration.

2.    Student who does not do re-registration, then is included as non-active student.

3.    Re-registration consists of financial and academic administration activities.

a)   dilaksanakan dengan membayar kewajiban keuangan sebagaimana ketentuan yang berlaku. Financial Administration is

b)    dilaksanakan melalui pengisian borang registrasi melalui intranet secara online hingga memperoleh KSM sementara. Academic Administration

4.    Students who do Final Assignment, must complete financial and academic administration.

5.    Students who have already had Final Exam and listed in Graduation Decree, do not have to do re-registration.

6.    Non-active students may not join all curricular activities during the semester.

7.    Non-active students can be active through submitting the application to the Rector.

8.    The application is given once only during studying at UMM, and the time for not re-registration is calculated as the period of study.

9.     Mahasiswa Program Diploma III yang berada pada semester 7 sampai 10 disebut semester lanjut.

10.   Mahasiswa Program Sarjana yang berada pada semester 9 sampai 14 disebut semester lanjut.

11.   Mahasiswa Program Magister yang berada pada semester 5-8 disebut semester lanjut.

12.   Mahasiswa Program Doktor yang berada pada semester 9-12 disebut semester lanjut.