Vice Rector III

Dr. Sidiq Sunaryo, SH., M.Si, M.Hum.

Vice Rector III

Helping the Rector in leading the activities of students and alumni. In assisting the duties, vice rector III should manage and coordinate activities that include:

1. the implementation of student coaching by all lecturers in the development of attitudes and orientation and student activities such as arts, cultures, sports, and social services as parts of academic coaching which are the tasks of higher education generally.

2. the implementation of student welfare business and guidance and counseling for students;

3. the implementation of the student's reasoning development;

4. The cooperation with all parties in any businesses in the field of student affairs, society services and supporting businesses;

5. Creating a good education environment in campus;

6. The implementation of student activities as development effort based on academic values and academic responsibilities.

7. The implementation of relationship building with UMM alumni to achieve education objectives in UMM; and

Reporting all activities annually to the Rector