Vice Rector I

Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si.

Vice Rector I

Helping the Rector in leading academic field such as education, research, and society services. In assisting the duties, vice rector II should oversee and coordinate activities that include:

1. Planning, implementing, guiding and developing the education of lecturers;

2. Planning, implementation, guiding and developing research of lecturers;

3. Preparation of new study programs and accreditation;

4. Planning and implementing the educational cooperation and research conducted by lecturers and institutions in country and abroad;

5. Planning, implementing and managing laboratories;

6. Planning, implementing and managing journals, books and literature;

7. Data processing related to education, research and society services;

8. Holding activities related to society services in order to solve the problems faced by the society.

Reporting all activities annually to the Rector.