General Information

The implementation of Master of Psychology education Program at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is based on the tradition to always put the reputation of UMM as a full of inspiration and innovation university. With the support of resources that are progressively improved in the term of improving lecturer’s education qualification and learning technology, and study program quality. The implementation of education emphasizes on scientific and Islamic principle and the formation psychological scientific character through material design, approach, implementation, learning, and education supporting system leading to the accomplishment of psychological scientific mastery and its application in people's life. UMM Psychology Master Program consists of Psychology Science Master (M.Si) and Psychology Profession Master (M.Psi). 

Psychology Master Study Program is held based on the tradition to always put UMM reputation as a higher education which is full of inspiration and innovation. The education management of this master is based on SK BAN PT No : 020/BAN-PT/Ak-VIII/S2/I/2011 with accreditation qualification “B”, operating license No. 150/D/T/2007 from Dirjen Dikti, and recommendation from PP. HIMPSI 115/PP.HIMPSI/11/07. The management of this program relies on scientific and Islamic principles by promoting positive mindset. This study program offers two ways of education, they are: 1). Profession Psychology Master, here the students are educated to be professionals in the field of psychology (psychologist), it got the recommendation from PP HIMPSI. 2). Science Psychology Master, here the students are educated to become scientists in the field of psychology.