General Information

Master of Educational Policy and Development in educational process is organized based on one the view that education always anticipates the renewal developments and changes in education phenomenon which is estimated to occur in the future. Thus, it is needed multidisciplinary approach which demands on mastery of theory, concept, methodology, procedure, scientific principle, and moral ethics value in studying the problem of education.

The graduates of master (S2) program who are interested in learning more education sciences can give thought contribution to solve the education problem in effort to improve human resources in Indonesia. The growth and development of this program study in the future can realize the vision, mission, and educational purposes of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).

This study program purposes to generate educational staff with qualifications as follows: 1) Having the ability to renewal and develop education in accordance with the demand of reformation era, 2) Having research and development ability in the field of education, especially in policy and development of education, 3) Having enough basis to follow further education program in both education and research in their areas of expertise. These graduates hold the title of master of education (M.Pd).