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This study program was designed become a center of excellence of scientific development and agribusiness technology sufficiency based of Islamic values in regional, national and international. The purposes organizing magister agribusiness program are: (1) producing the process of magister agribusiness education that qualified, productive and efficiency. (2) Producing professional graduate, intellectual capability with high-power analysis, skilled in applying agribusiness ipteks in global competition. (3) Producing agribusiness ipteks which appropriate with needs of the community development in the level of regional, national and international. The credit amount compulsory subject as much as 24 credits, elective subject at least 9 credits, seminary/thesis proposal exam 1 credit and thesis writing 6 credits. The graduates from Magister agribusiness program hold magister agribusiness degree (M.Agr).

Enormous concern UMM for Indonesian agribusiness development encourage the university to contribute their resources for Indonesia agribusiness which able to compete in globalization era/liberation. The effort to prepare human resource that qualifies in the field of agribusiness followed up by holding magister agribusiness program (S2).