General Information

Islamic study Magister aims at creating magister (S-2) who is able to master basic Islamic science, have methodology ability in Islamic studies development, and able ton comprehend and analyze the phenomenon of religious social that develop in society. The graduates from Islamic studies hold the title of Islamic magister degree (M.Ag). This program offers two concentrations, they are: Islamic education and Islamic law.

The implementation of postgraduate education program of Islamic Studies is based on a view of the future vision of education, namely education in which in its implementation it always considers the development that will happen in the future, especially those associated with the development of Islamic scientific thought and the dynamics of society. Therefore, the vision of Islamic Study Master Program is becoming an excellent educational institution of Islamic Studies in ational and regional levels in Southeast Asia in 2015. Islamic Studies Master Program was established in 1996 and its graduates have spread across Indonesia and the world.

It is the center of the excellence which is able to develop the ethos and tradition of science based on spiritual ideals and humanity in the paradigm of Islamic knowledge. Besides, it is also able to develop scientific development in the present and in the future. Thus, it is expected that the outcomes of the program is a master who doesn't only master and develop Islamic scientific traditions, but also have an open insight that goes beyond the boundaries of science, even ideology and religion.