Information and Communication Institution

1. To develop information technology and communication based on university policy

2. To manage information technology access and communication for civitas academic interest.

3. To set up integrated database and management information system based on the university needs and all the work unit.

4. To assure smooth access to internet network, hotspot and intranet

5. To Implement education, training and information technology practicum  and communications for internal and external stakeholder.

6. To provide data and information that needed by the university and all the work unit.

7. To develop and manage university’s website as tool of spreading information to the public.

8. To help the university  in terms of procurement and hardware maintenance.

9. To secure  assets of the university in the form of hardware, software and  technology, information, communication (TIK)  products that developed by UMM.

10. To  handle abuse of TIK facilities within the university.

11.To  develop  unit profit center  of TIK  to help finance of the university.

12. To develop TIK cooperation with others for development of the university.