ICT services


Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) Services

The services under the Information and Communication Institution (Infokom) not only serve students, but also lecturers and employees. Towards an internationally  the field of information, communication and technology, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) provides services in the form of Information, Communications, Technology (ICT) systems. These services are to facilitate students in various academic needs and lecture activities online. They are online Study Plan Cards (KRS), digital libraries, e-learning, e-mail, blogs, websites and free internet access.

recognized university, UMM implements personnel administration management, research management and financial management as well as ICT services.

Berbekal NIM dan password, setiap mahasiswa dapat merancang studinya secara online tanpa perlu datang ke kampus. Selain itu, mahasiswa juga dapat mengakses nilai akademik dan status keuangan secara online.

Armed with NIM and password, each student can design his studies through online and no need to come to campus. In addition, students can also access academic grades and financial status through online.