Nursing Laboratory (2)


 Practicum Courses and Skills Taught in Nursing Laboratory 


1.    Nursing Practicum Courses of Human Basic`Need (KDM)

  • Skill of Human Basic Need Fulfillment: oxygenation, liquid & electrolyte, nutrition, elimination, personal hygiene, break – sleep, mobilization, comfort and safety, sterilization & decontamination, medication, spiritual need and psychosocial and treatment before death. 
  • Checkup skill/ Physical checkup: vision, hearing, smelling, disgestion, cardiovascular, breathing, integument, musculoskeletal, endocrine and vital signs.
2.     Practicum Courses of Maternity Nursing
  1. Skill of expectant mother physical checkup
  2. Skill of maternal physical checkup/puerperium & suckle
  3. Skill of physical checkup and checkup at KB acceptor
  4. Skill of mother with Gynecology problem physical checkup
  5. Newborn care 
  6. Aid delivery
  7. Childbirth pain management
  8. Breast care / lactation management
  9. Contraception care and setting up
  10. Puerperal gymnastics
  11. Episiotomy wound care ( Vulva Hygiene )
  12. Sectio Saecaria wound care


3.     Practicum courses of child nursing & development 

        Child nursing laboratories :
  1. Skill of physical checkup in child
  2. Skill of basic need fulfillment in child
  3. Healthy baby care
  4. Sick baby care ( in incubator )
  5. Immunization
  6. Umbilical cord care
  7. Chest physiotherapy skill ( Nebulizer, Suctioning, Clapping, Postural drainage )
  8. Skill of Darmbuise setting up and colon irrigation 
  9. Skill of Colostomy care in child
  10. Skill of child care with physiotherapy
  11. Skill of child care with chemotherapy
  12. Skill of liquid therapy giving & nutrition to child


      Laboratory of child development :

  1. Playing therapy skill
  2. Skill of child development and checkup ( Denver Development Screening Test )
  3. Skill of child development counseling
  4. Skill of development need fulfillment in child with special need ( ADHD, Autism, Mental retardation )