Pharmacy Laboratory

Integration between theory and practice in pharmacy study program courses becomes a unity that cannot be separated. Pharmacy laboratory is designed to support theory so the students acquire experience and practical skill which later become requirement in running pharmacy profession which is more excellent in community pharmacy. Also, in clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and natural pharmacy industry. 

Laboratories in Pharmacy Study Program are as follows:



One the whole, this laboratory is designed like a drugstore that enables the students to do simulation completely about all activities in drugstore, including the availability of special place for patient to consult with pharmacist. This drugstore simulation is done on Prescription Practicum III. Prescription laboratory is a pharmacy preparation basic formulation laboratory. This laboratory is also used for compounding medicine in solid (including pill and supositoria), semisolida, and liquid shape in drugstore scale on Prescription Practicum I and Prescription II.



Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II provides tools and analysis instrument such as spektrofotometri ultraviolet-visibel, rotavapor, pH meter, potensiometer, oven, furnace, melting point app., ekstraktor, analytical balance, etc. Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II is used for various student practicums, such as Analytical Chemistry Practicum, Analytical Pharmacy Practicum, Analytical Pharmacy chemistry, organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Farmakokinetika, and Fitokimia. Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II also opens opportunity to the students or lecturers outside pharmacy faculty to do practicum or research both from UMM and outside UMM.



Pharmacy preparation formulation laboratory is a special laboratory for pharmacy. This laboratory is a miniature from pharmacy industry so the  students can practice to make pharmacy preparation formula , make pharmacy preparation until testing phase, so pharmacy preparation can be marketed. The practicums which are held are: Solida preparation Farmasetika practicum, Liquid preparation Farmasetika, and Semisolida preparation, and Traditional Medicine preparation Farmasetika. The facilities which are available are medicine raw materials size reduction tool and additional materials, mixing tools, drying tools, and tablet printing machine. Besides, it is also provided various tools for pharmacy preparation evaluation, such as: tools for tablet hardness test, tablet fragility test, disintegration test, dissolution test so the pharmacy preparation that is produced fulfills the settled requirement in Indonesia Farmakope.



This laboratory is specially used for sterile products making, such as preparation form; infusion, injection in the form of vial and ampoule, and other preparations that must be sterile such as eye drops, eye ointment. This sterile preparation formulation laboratory is desined in accordance with sterile pharmacy industry rule, in which based on its degree of sterility, it consists of class IV until I room. The practicum that is conducted in this laboratory is Sterile Preparation Farmasetika Practicum.



Pharmacognosy laboratory provides sufficient facility such as the number of microscope which are available in accordance with parcticipant number in a practicum course. Pharmacognosy is used to train student in analyzing traditional medicine preparation microscopically. This laboratory is used for Anatomy Practicum and Plant Physiology and Pharmacognosy Practicum.