Sociology laboratory


Sociology Laboratory 

I. Functions and Objectives:


The laboratory is used to develop basic competence of academicians (students and faculty) of Sociology in the field of research, service, or practicum.


1. As a science, sociology scientist is asked to give real contribution in solving some social problems at society.

2. As a venue in finding ideas and models of industrial development based on community needs.

3. As data center of sociology industry and its mapping.

4. As the development center of industry learning.

5. As a center of study, research, and social empowerment of Capital Social at Malang.

6. Being "Industrial Sociology Clinic"

II. The Scope of Activities

Laboratory activities can be divided into 4 main courses all of which are intended to the survival of the laboratory activity and increasing its role for supporting the implementation of the education at Department of Sociology. The four programs are:

1. Laboratory Basic Infrastructure Program

2. Secretariat Program (Institutional Development Laboratory)

3. Relevance Program

4. Partnership Program

Each program which is planned includes the following activities:

a. Laboratory Basic Infrastructure Program

The activities of the programs is completing laboratory infrastructure, those are:

1. Provisioning data base

2. Provisioning books and reference

3. Provision some copies of (the research and dedication results)

4. Provisioning laboratory volunteer personnel

b. Secretariat Program

The programs which are planned intended to carry out the function of laboratory work, those are;  

1. To concern on provisioning of laboratory identity profiles, brochures, business cards, and promotional VCD.

2. To entry bookkeeping for outgoing mail, the note of meetings, and archives.

3. To provision the schedule of regular meetings and the workshop.

4. To develop the vision, basic policy, development, and marketing.

c. Relevant Program

The program includes some activities that show the relevancy between invent development and expertise in the laboratory based on student and community need. This program related to some activities in actual laboratory hansel. This program involves;   

1. Training

2. Publishing the journal

3. Seminars, discussions, and workshops

4. Writing a competitive proposal to the Higher Education and other sponsorship

5. Empowerment

d. Partnership program

This program includes some activities in term of complying the cooperation offer between the same laboratories, society, local government, and private company. This program involves the following activities:

1. Search partnership opportunities both through media and direct interaction.

2. Organize the meeting and fraternity.

3. The implementation of marketing event in the form of training, seminars, competitions, and so forth.

4. Implementation of partnership activities.

III. Utilization of Laboratory Services

As relatively new laboratory, the activities are focused on practicum, discussion, training, research, or even community service which is conducted by the student. Besides, laboratory also gives a service related to social conflict, politics, and culture.