Laboratorium Ilmu Pemerintahan

Governmental Science Laboratory

Governmental Science Laboratory existence begins from the aim of giving an additional insight to its student after concerning on the real condition of the common problem faced in the government and its development. For the first step, it begins from East Java.

Furthermore, its existence can be a study center in conducting collective event, interpretation, and analysis to verify some representative data which along this way to be main obstacle in the process of formulating and arranging governmental policy. Thus, whole operational processes are not released from department’s plan on mission and vision carried;

Vision   : Building up responsive, faithful, and pious government expert along with having global knowledge.  

Mission: Actualizing UMM to The Real University by utilizing Governmental Science Laboratory as government data center based on Information Technology 

Thus, laboratory is designed to accommodate and conduct data analysis on social politic, economy, education problem, and so forth. The result gotten from data process is hoped to contribute the easiness, clearness, and accuracy in order to be used for student to fulfill the need of analysis of some problems exist.

Operational and data process system used at governmental laboratory is Strategic Data Information System so called as SISDASAT which based on internet and intranet. Utilizing statistic technique, it is affordable to process the data and show it in the form of map, chart, table, so it ease the reader.

Besides, Geographic Informative System (GIS) that is able to present regional map on basic potency and its condition such as natural source of forest, mineral, river, road, and so forth is still in the process of development.

Goal and Objectives:


The goal of governmental laboratory existence is to build and develop lecturer and student of governmental science department basic competence in the field of planning, implementing, or even monitoring-evaluation whole politic policy, social-culture, community empowerment, and improving the work  of community and government deal with the autonomous implementation on information technology-based.


  1. Optimizing the resources either human resources or another resource.
  2. Conducting practicum for governmental science department.
  3. Carrying on data analysis.
  4. Conducting research for lecturer and student
  5. Arranging scientific publication
  6. Setting up networking with other parties.
  7. Providing service in data analysis, facility, community, government training, and so forth.
  8. Building up and developing information and technology especially in governmental field, community empowerment, planning system, and developing regional potency. 

Laboratory Facility:

UMM Governmental Science Laboratory has been provided by hardware and software. Hardware consists of the building along with laboratory room, library, and also 17 units of connected-computers (LAN).

Besides, the software consists of SISDASAT, GIS, and other programs which present the data process. The data is also served in the form of book of regional potency which is gotten from BPS, Bappeda, and other sources.