Laboratorium Ilmu Komunikasi



Purposes and function:

The function of communication laboratory as follow:

  1. As a support unit for Tri Dharma college activities which is implemented by civitas academic, especially department of communication UMM
  2. As a training facilities or student practicum to obtain skills appropriate with the field and department of communication studies course.
  3. As appreciation facilities for technology development and art as communication media

The purpose laboratory communication as follow:

  1. To develop the creativities and student activities in appreciating and applying advancement of communication technology
  2. To give provision of skill to student in the field of communication in software and hardware mastery, from design until post-production
  3. To create learning teaching atmosphere which is can create link nuance and match between academic world and community need about employee and science development and technology that happen
  4. Form professionalism mental attitude in the field of communication generally

Practicum Material

Practicum is one from or part of learning and teaching activities which conducted by using laboratory facilities. Implementation can be outside or inside laboratory. Thus practicum attached to the specific course.

At communication department, subject also can use the communication laboratory include:

  1. Basics of photography (all concentrations)
  2. Computer graphics (all concentrations)
  3. PR personality (PR concentration)
  4. Event Management (PR concentration)
  5. Internal & External PR (PR concentration)
  6. Writing and PR Media (PR concentration)
  7. Practice PR creative (PR concentration)
  8. Print Journalism (Journalistic concentration and Media Studies)
  9. On Air Journalism (Journalistic concentration and Media Studies)
  10. Online Journalism (Journalistic concentration and Media Studies)
  11. News Production (Journalistic concentration and Media Studies)
  12. Journalistic Production Practice (Journalistic concentration and Media Studies)
  13. Shooting Technique and Analog Editing (AV concentration)
  14. Digital Editing (AV concentration)
  15. Art Sound System (AV concentration)
  16. Release Management (AV concentration)
  17. AV Communication Production Practice (AV concentration)

Utilization of laboratory service

  1. Borrowing equipment: besides serving lab, laboratory serving borrowing the equipment and room laboratory
  2. Documentation serving:  documentation service provide to anyone who wants communication laboratory documents the activities or events include: photo documentation, visual documentation, audio visual documentation (shooting or editing and dubbing).
  3. Training/workshop: training/workshop will be held regularly and incidentally by first announced via a separate publication.  Workshop was held for public, college students, student and enthusiasts from within and outside the UMM campus. Training/workshop which is offered including: tool orientation, Audio Visual Production, TV advertisement production, production music program, production news program.
  4. Development program: based on purposes above, then the competence that developed in communication laboratory, there are:
  • Audio broadcasting division include developing skill: setting up a radio broadcast, manage radio broadcast, programmer, announcer, broadcast/program producer, audio mixing, directing program, script writer, broadcasting operator.
  • Television broadcasting division include developing skill: setting up a television broadcasting, management, television broadcasting, programmer, announcer, broadcast producer/programmer, director program, script writer, television broadcasting operator, graphic animator and picture, technical shooting and editing.
  • Advertising division include skills: setting up an advertisement production, management (advertising accompany, jenglemen, creative copy writing, creative art direction (art director, illustrator, graphic designer, production artist) both for mass media, non mass media, and outdoor publication. It will be sufficient if also supported by mastering the skill on point (a) and (b).
  • Journalistic field the skills being develop are: lay outing and radio and television journalism. For print journalism, it is joining BESTARI Newspaper.
  • While for public relation, the skill being develop are: setting up public relation company along with its management, PR consultant, and press conference.