Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory of Economic Faculty of UMM intends to: 

  1. Prepare the graduates that have competitive excellence in computer application, mainly in economy and business. 
  2. Make the practiced students graduate with ability to apply computer program in accordance with the need. 
  3. Prepare the alumni of Economuc Faculty of UMM who are skillful in using computer program that can be used in solving managerial problems in organization. 
  4. Prepare computer facility reliably when it will be used by other units. 

In order to reach the purpose, Computer Laboratory of Economic Faculty runs three kinds of main function, they are: unit of regular computer practicum holder, unit of supporting computer practicum for other units, and unit of optional computer training holder. As a unit of regular computer practicum holder, Computer Laboratory of Economic Faculty offers MS Office program for all students of Economic Faculty of UMM that programs Computer Application course.

MS Office program is chosen as practicum program because this is the program which is generally needed by all students, both to support learning process in studying in college and after graduating from Economic Faculty of UMM and working, without seeing the study program. Parts of MS Office program which are practiced are: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, and MS Acces.

Supporting unit of computer practicum for other units are run by Computer Laboratory by providing computer facilities which are needed by Laboratories of Study Programs in Economic Faculty. Accounting laboratory uses Computer Laboratory for MYOP and Taxation practicum, while for Economic Science Laboratory and Development Study do ESDM practicum, Economic theory, regional economy, Statistics II, Investment Management, Econometric, and Bank operational.

The facilities provided in Computer Laboratory of Economic Faculty of UMM are grouped based on its function, they are practicum facility, administration, and maintenance. The main facility of practicum is computer devices and occupies three practicum rooms with AC, they are practicum room A, B, and C. Those practicum rooms are located on 1st floor of Gedung kuliah Bersama (GKB) II Campus III of UMM. Maximum capacity of each room is 25 practiced students, in every room it is available 29 computer devices. In practicum room A and B, it is completed with LCD facilities, while for Practicum room C, until now there has not been LCD. To monitor practicum process and control assets in practicum room, it is planned to be installed CCTV. 

Administration facility occupies office room of computer laboratory on 5th floor GKB II Campus III of UMM. To support operational agenda, in computer laboratory office, it is available two computer devices as main supporting device. Besides, to support work comfort and service quality, in this office it is also available furnishing furniture facility. Maintenance facility occupies one room near practicum room on 1st floor GKB II Campus III of UMM. To support maintenance activity, there are two computer devices as main supporting facility and various other kinds of facility used for practicum facility maintenance.


Indonesia Stock Exchange Corner

The purpose of Indonesia Stock Exchange of University of Muhammadiyah Malang is: "To facilitate student and lecturer in getting research data, quick, cheap, and efficient". To reach that purpose, Indonesia Stock Exchange of University of Muhammadiyah Malang holds training (Econometrics and Manual Book from Software), financial data availability, book borrowing, and reference about capital market, and stock transaction and other securities.

The data available in Indonesia Stock Exchange of University of Muhammadyah Malang are:

  • National PDRB (Soft Copy and Hard Copy):
  1. 27 Provinces period 1993-2004
  2. Regencies and cities all around Indonesia period 1993-2004
  3. Constant price and applied in 27 provinces period 1993-2004
  • National Banking directory (Soft Copy and Hard Copy):
  1. All banks (private, foreign, mix, BUMN) in Indonesia Period 1999-2004
  2. All BPR in Indonesia Period 1999-2004
  3. All BPD in Indonesia Period 1999-2004
  • International Financial Statistics (Soft Copy Published by IMF): Macro economy data from all country members of IMF (120 COUNTRIES) 1948-2005
  • Financial report ( concise/complete) all issuers of Indonesia Stock Exchange.
  1. 330 Companies (soft copy)
  2. Stock price, dividend, listing date, LQ 45, JII, audit comment, etc.
  3. Issuer prospectus, mutual fund prospectus
  4. Corporate action, newest issue from issuer, etc.

The students that need data must fulfill these following general criteria:

  1. All students of higher education in Indonesia by showing Student Card that is still applicable.
  2. Agree ordering fee and data discount that are calculated first.
  3. Filling and signing data ordering form. 
  4. Paying advance money 50% from total fee.
  5. BEI corner doesn't serve soft copy data to avoid counterfaiting of data, except complete financial report and special consideration of Stock Exchange of BEI-UMM.
  6. Ordering can be done via faximile or e_mail with address jsxc.umm@yahoo.com

For the students who want to borrow book and other references in BEI corner, must fulfill these following stipulations:  

  1. Registered as a student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang all faculties by showing Student Card that is still valid.
  2. Having Capital Market Club (CMC) card.
  3. Filling borrowing book and signing it.
  4. Time limit of borrowing is maximum 2 days, if more than this, it will be fined a day Rp1.500,00.
  5. Keep and take care of the book, if there is harm or loss, the borrower must change repair cost or change the book.
  6. The books which are lent are literature, journal, bulletin, and the books that are not allowed to borrow it are financial report book, prospectus, ICMD, and the books that load other data.

For the students who want to be praticipant of Capital Market Training (PPM) and other trainings held by BEI Corner, must fulfill these following criteria:

  1. The students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and Higher Educations in Malang all faculties without semester limitation. 
  2. Filling registration form with choice Package A, B, and C (package specification can be asked in BEI Corner of UMM)
  3. BEI corner of UMM holds econometrics software training, analtycal technical training, and economic discussion forum.

For the students who are interested to be investor in capital market, they can do share transaction and other securities, with these following rules:

  1. All students of Higher Education in Indonesia by showing Student Card that is still valid;
  2. Filling, agreeing, and signing share transaction rules;
  3. Early investment minimum Rp1.500.000,00 (one million five hundred rupiahs);
  4. BEI acts on pure broker, so it doesn't receive other parties fund management (not as investment manager);
  5. Purchase and selling of share or ask information of share price development and recent economic issue can be done via message to 08885156969; and
  6. Procedure of share transaction service is based on the system which is simple, fast, in one table and in direct control of the head of BEI Corner of UMM.


Management Development Center

Management Development Center (PPM) moves in science development in economy and business and community service. This institution holds several trainings and development programs, and consultations in economy and business, both for internal party (the students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang) and external (business party). In doing their activities, PPM establishes cooperation with Industry and Trade Department, the Government of City and Resident of Malang, and Trade and Industry Institution of East Java.

In order to support PPM purpose, there are several kinds of supporting facility which are availeble, they are: 

  1. Alumni Data Base BK
  2. E-club Data Base                                            :  PPM
  3. Founded UKM Data Base                                    :  cooperation with Pemda
  4. Businessman Wholesaler Data Base     :  cooperation with Kadinda
  5. Entrepreneurship Modul Work                        : collaboration with LPM
  6. Being Successful to look for Modul Work               :  collaboration with Excel
  7. Entrepreneurship training CD Work            :  collaboration with Haki

The students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang can join it to follow various kinds of program which are offered by PPM, both routine and incindental agenda, by fulfilling the requirements that are determined. Routine work program that is held by PPM are:  :

  1. Business meeting                            :  cooperation with business practitioner
  2. Business planning               :  coperation with e-club
  3. Out Bond training                    :  cooperation with Pesona Sanubari
  4. Entrepreneurship training       : cooperation with LPM and Student 
  5. Successful Career Work Shop        : cooperation with Excel training Development
  6. Job Fair                                   : cooperation with Mahanaya EO
  7. Business Practice                         : cooperation with UMM            
  8. Product Training                   : cooperation with various course institutions 
  9. Acceleration of Independence and Career Development Program.

The incidental programs offered by PPM are:

  1. Event Entrepreneur Fair        : with UKM participants
  2. Entrepreneur exhibition           : with student participants      
  3. Business motivation seminar         : with public participants
  4. Business simulation                        : with AriwigunaTeam.