laboratory Syaria Banking


Laboratory Syaria Banking aims to equip students about understanding and ability how the practice banking management syaria run. To achieve this purpose, laboratory Syaria banking was organizing regular practicum and optional which addressed, especially to the student of D3 Financial management and banking. Besides that, this laboratory also organizes apprenticeships process.  

Practicum subject that practiced in Laboratory Sharia Banking include: business statistic, Mini Bank 1 (Bank Conventional), Mini Bank II (Syaria Bank), Computer I, Computer II, cost accounting, introductory accounting, intermediate financial accounting. Besides that Laboratory Syaria Banking also organize work practice including work practice: accounting banking, Financial Management, and feasibility studies.

For supporting practical implementation and work practice, there are many support facilities are used by Laboratory Syaria Banking, there are: practicum room, Syaria Mini Bank, complete Library, and other support facilities. In practicum implementation, Laboratory Syaria Banking involved other parties, as Bank and Syaria Division. This is done in order to improve the quality of practicum and work practice.