Conventional Banking Laboratory

The purpose of Conventional Banking Laboratory is to give the provision to students about how the practice of conventional banking operation running, its means how to take asset management decision and liabilities in a bank made, then generate profits. To achieve its, Conventional Banking Laboratory organize practicum, either by manual or computation base. Besides that Conventional Banking Laboratory also organize work practice for students. 

The various subject which is held by Conventional Banking Laboratory, there are: Economic theory, Statistical II, Econometric, Infestation management, Account Officer, Operation Banking, Social Statistic, ESDM, population, Regional Economic. Work practice which organized by Conventional Banking Laboratory is Banking Accounting Practice. Conventional Banking Laboratory also opens Mini Bank Division which is addressed to train the students in banking management practice. 

In practicum activities and other activities, conventional Banking Laboratory supported by various facilities, such as practicum room, Conventional Mini Bank, complete library, and other facilities. In organizing practicum, Conventional Banking Laboratory involved other parties, such as Bank. This is done in order to improve the quality of the practicum process.