management laboratory


The purpose of management laboratory is to help the student of management department understanding how business practice in the real life and how business decisions are made. To achieve that, management laboratory organize variety of practicum, both regular practicum and support/optional. Beside practicum, management laboratory also establish cooperate with various parties for supporting achievement of objectives.

Regular practicum which organized by management laboratory in the form of main subject practicum the program of management studies including: marketing management and consumer behavior; operations management I and II. Beside that management laboratory also organized optional training which the implementation accordance to students need, as research methodology training, statistical analysis, etc.   

For supporting the affectivities practicum process and training which is held by management laboratory use 2 regular practicum rooms AC and available LCD and speaker, 1 room for practicum computes base, and 1 room for official administration. In supporting the smoothness of practicum process, each practicum provided modules, props, and required data. When in practicum implementation, participant guided by instructor and assisted an assistant.