accountancy laboratory


Accountancy laboratory purposes to give the understanding about the application of accountancy concepts in the real business world practice for students. To achieve this purpose, accountancy laboratory organized practicum and education and training, either compulsory or optional. Besides that, accountancy laboratory cooperate with related parties, as CPA firm, accompanies, and local government. This all addressed to increase the quality of practicum and training which was held.

Practicum activities in accountancy including: accounting service, trade, industry, computer, auditing, taxation, accounting research methodology. Training was held optionally, its mean this activity just addressed to student who interested and wants to explore a particular field. There are some kinds of training in accountancy department: license taxes, capital market, and export-import.

For supporting practicum activity, in Accountancy Laboratory available 2 manual practicum rooms which complete by facility AC, LCD and comfortable furniture. Besides that, for supporting administration service activity, in Accountancy Laboratory there is available 1 office which completes adequate facility. When practicum was held, each participant got modules and book work. For accounting practicum computer base, accountancy laboratory was cooperated with FE computer laboratory for provision of computer facilities. Each practicum class will be led by an instructor and an assistant.