Entrepreneurial Club


Student Store (UKM KOPMA)

The Student Store establishment is intended to support all student activities.
KOPMA is located at UMM Campus III.
The management is handled by the students themselves.
It provides the students with basic needs such as; stationery, book, convection, campus souvenir and more.
KOPMA also photocopies for academics.


Campus Publication and Student Pers are relevant media to sharpen student's writing skill.
Students are given the chance to express and communicate their ideas along with the information given to broaden society.
UMM has also developed campus pers to be campus newspaper called Bestari.
It is published once a month.
It is tabloid size and organized by the assembly editor and knowledgeable students in Journalism.  
The reporters are students who love writing and have already been trained in Journalism
Reporters are obligated to report campus activity, main issues and other valuable news.
For the process of the Bestari Newspaper production, reporters are involved from the process of writing, editting, setting the layout right up until the printing process.  

Gaining this valuable experience the student becomes skilled in Journalism. 
In the faculty level, students are trained and given a chance to be involved in student pers too.
Student scientific Journals are published once or twice a semester. 

Having experience in publishing magazines shows that students are learning Journalistic Management
The magazines contents are a reflection of their activities.
Some other benefits of this kind of activity is that it trigger student's intellegent attitude.