International Cooperation

There are so many institutions that cooperate with UMM such as government agencies (center, province, regency and city), or non-government agencies such as companies, university, higher educations, political party, etc. International relationship is also conducted by UMM with foreign government, overseas universities, non-government organization (NGO), foreign companies and some consortiums with foreign invested fund. The cooperation is related to institute development, human resources development, colaboration research, international journal, workshop and lecturers and students exchange.

Several ongoing international cooperations are:

    1. Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window "
    2. Asia Link Program
    3. Australian Consortium In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS)
    4. Apex USA
    5. Shimamura LLC
    6. Toastmasters International
    7. The University of Wisconsin - Madison - America
    8. American Embassy
    9. Iranian Embassy
   10. University Malaya
   11. University Kebangsaan Malaysia
   12. Othman Hashim & Co.
   13. Hanwha Corporation
   14. Chonnam National University
   15. Indonesia and The Netherlands Higher Education Partnership Universities
   16. BGP Engineers and Delft University
   17. Tillburg University
   18. Utrecht University
   19. Islamic University of Rotterdam
   20. Peace Corps
   21. Darmasiswa