Generan Information

Forestry department was established on 1999 and got accreditation status “B” from BAN-PT. Forestry Department UMM is one of forestry department in east java with undergraduate degree program. To fulfill human resource needs of qualified forestry in answering the challenge management of forestry program in future. Forestry department has developed IPTEK accordance with the expertise. To support it the forestry department has establish cooperation with forestry institution and college partner, there are: forestry ministry RI in the field of research and development of forest resource which include: forest and land rehabilitation, conservation of forest resource and social empowerment around forest, public corporation forestry II east java in form of fieldwork practice and research also with forestry department UGM in the form of education and general practice.

As supporting curriculum based on competence, forestry department has prepared lecturer staff that has expertise related to entrepreneurship aspect base on environmental sustainability, expertise in the environmental field (AMDAL certificate qualification), competency assessment of quality seeds, and competence in the field of conservation of natural forest resources, than forestry graduate able to compete in work world  as evidenced by many alumni who work in government institution or private institutions.