F.Keguruan & Ilmu Pendidikan

UMM, in the beginning of its building, was the branch of University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta which was managed by Muhammadiyah University Foundation in notary certificate R. Sihojo Wongsowodjaja at Jakarta No.71 dated on June, 19th 1963. FTTE (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education) was found at September 1965 through the initiative of the lead persons and heads of Muhammadiyah in Malang, together with Economy and Law Faculty.



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Biology Department


Civics Department


Primari Teacher Department


Location : Lecturing Building (GKB) I

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The three faculties were registered in Directorate General Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture dated on December 30th 1966 No: 68/B-Swt/P/1966. FTTE started the lecturers’ activity along with Islamic Studies Departments

As the result of Religious Higher Education Curbing by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Islamic Studies FTTE registered in the ministry to be Tarbiyah Faculty. The application was approved through the Ministry of Religious Affairs Decree No.50 in 1970.

General Education Departments was opened in 1977 based on Main Development Plan (Rencana Induk Pengembangan) dated on February 14th 1976.  

Indonesian Language and Literature, Biology, Mathematics, and Pancasila Morale (PMP) Departments were opened in 1983 as the result of the public needed for the good scientifically educators with Islamic values. Also in this year, General Education Departments was changed to be Curriculum and Educational Technology Departments.  

The development for FTTE was focused on the improvement of the education and teaching quality in the five departments. Later, English Departments was opened in 1987.

In 1998, FTTE held in-service training program in Education Departments and Ministry of Religious Affairs. The program included equalization of Diploma Teachers, certification of principals and superintendents’ school, and Development Madrasah Aliyah programs. The public and government trust for the faculty were continuing until FTTE was chosen to open distance program or PJJ (Program Jarak Jauh) for Primary School Teacher Education (PGSD) in bachelor degree level along with other 9 educational programs for educators. The following up of this action was the opening of  Primary School Teacher Education Departments in 2007 with directorate general higher education decree No : 1928/D/T/2007. The study program has vision to be lead study program in producing primary school teacher with good ethics and morale, science and technology mastering, and also developing education innovation.