About Medical Faculty


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Education in FK UMM was professionally designed for eleven semesters (five and a half years) that divided into two processes, those are; Bachelor of Medicine Education for seven semesters; and Professional Education for four semesters.

The learning process in FK UMM implementing a new paradigm of Medical Education learning with Competency Based Curriculum (KBK) system, by using Problem Based Learning (PBL) and Research Based Learning (RBL) approach.

While professional education is using the clinical court system in Hospitals, Health Centers, Family and Industrial Doctor Clinics.

In increasing the quality capacity, FK students are required to participate in the Clinical Comprehensive Refreshment (CCR) program before entering the professional program.

In addition, in accordance with the vision of the FK UMM which excels in the field of industrial medicine, after the doctoral oath, FK UMM graduates are required to take part in Corporate Hygiene, Health, and Work Safety (Hiperkes-KK).