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Medical Faculty UMM is the first private medical Faculty in Malang city. The vision of medical Faculty is become the leading faculty in organizing medical high education that  has the excellence in knowledge and technology base on general medicine, family, industry, and Islamic value to improve the competitiveness of nation.
Medical Education
Medical Profession
Location : Kampus II
Telp : 0341 582060
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The education in Medical Faculty was designed professionally since eleven semesters (five and a half years) that divided into two education process, there are: education of medical graduate for 7 semesters and profession education for 4 semesters. The implementation of learning in Medical Faculty UMM applies new learning paradigm medical education with curriculum base on competence system, using learning approach Problem Based Learning (PBL). While profession education conducted by clinical work system at hospital, puskesmas (clinic) family and industry doctor clinic.

For improving the quality capacity, medical faculty student required to follow the program of English for Specific Purpose (ESP), the training of Emergency Trauma Life Support (ETLS) and Clinical Skills Refreshment (CSR)before take the profession program.