Vision, Mission, and Purpose


Becoming an excellent and competitive department in scientific and skill development in communication, based on Islamic values. 


  1. Conducting the education to develop the mindset, insight, and student skill in communication science which is oriented to media literacy movement.
  2. Advancing the research activities among lecturer and student about community issue that dimension of communication.
  3. Implementing dedication in the field of communication which oriented to community empowerment.
  4. Intensifies training activities in the field of public relation, communication of audio visual and journalistic.
  5. Organizing cooperation with other parties in formwork of science development and application of communication technology in the institution. 


  1. Producing the graduate which has public relation competence, audio visual communication, journalistic and media studies.
  2. Generating the graduate which has the access to various relevant parties to increase the performance of institution and partnership.
  3. Producing research product dimension of efficient communication for academic community and public.
  4. Generating the graduate committed to empowerment community based on media literary.