Vision, Mission, and Purpose


Becoming an excellent, professional, and competitive department in the development of science and social work practice based on Islamic value. 


  1. Organizing education and teaching in the field of social work.
  2. Conducting research and development in the field of social work which is based on diversity and local wisdom.
  3. Performing social service which is oriented to preventive, curative, and rehabilitative social issues, community development and empowerment.
  4. Cooperating with various parties in developing science and practice of social work.


In order to achieve the vision and missions and pay attention to the commitment of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and the faculty, so Social Welfare study program formulates goals to prepare the students to become the graduates of professional social work which is based on Islamic value with these qualifications:

  1. Mastering science and social work practice.
  2.  Being able to conduct a study and analyze social problem comprehensively and making its alternative solution based on diversity and local wisdom.
  3. Being able to manage the unit of social service as a part of problem solving process for individual, family/group, or society.
  4. Being able to create the models of social service based on social work science.