General Information

This department has a vision to become a superior, professional, and competitive department in the development of science and social worker profession based on faith, piety, and Islamic value. Its main competences are 1) being able to conduct social research which implies on applied science 2) being able to apply the method of social intervention in micro level, such as handling cases in individual, family, and group. 3) being able to apply the method of social intervention in mezzo level, such as conducting assessment, planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating the program in organization and local community level. 4) being able to apply the method of social intervention in macro level, such as conducting the planning and policy analysis in national and regional levels.


In order to improve the academic of social welfare science, it is provided laboratory facilities, which are representative with various academic activities such as: analyzing social problem, training, Case Conference and practicum student, also it is provided representative library facility, hot spot area, and learning activity in multimedia classroom.    

Appreciation in the form of scholarships is given to the students who have achievement, such as BBM (Beasiswa Belajar Mahasiswa), PPA (Peningkatan Potensi Akademik), scholarship from companies, SUPERSEMAR, and PA (Panti Asuhan) scholarship.

The employment prospects of the graduates of Department of Social Welfare are: academician (teacher/lecturer), civil servant, Institution of Social Welfare Business Executive, General Hospital, Mental Hospital, penitentiary, non-governmental institution, social observer, and social advocacy. Since the last 3 years, from 2009, the graduates from social welfare science of FISIP-UMM have been recruited as staffs of Satuan Bakti Pekerja Sosial (Sakti Peksos).