Nursing Science

The program of S1 nursing studies UMM determined to produce the professional graduate of nursing scholar and competent in the field of nursing by having intellectual sturdiness, deep spiritual, the high morality and good skill. The paradigm of learning model by Student-Centered Learning principle that the consequences is lecture as facilitator and motivator by provided some learning strategy that enable to the student (with lecturers) selecting, finding, and arranging the knowledge and the ways to develop skill (Method of inquiry and discovery).  
The credit that must be taken by student are 146 credits, in a period 7-8 of semester, that held in classroom, nursing laboratory that designed mini hospital as supporting which is based on IT, and also early exposure to hospital and community in an effort to increase the skill in preparation the program of student profession.
The program of nursing science S1 encourage by professional Staff  lecturer qualified nursing Magister qualification, Specialist of Nursing Maternity, community, Infant and children, Management, Medical Surgical and also Mental Health from Flinders University Australia, Kasetsart University Thailand and also other leading Universities in Indonesia.